Sibylline - Marine Wildlife
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To end euthanasia, death throe and even slaughters on our beaches ...


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"You can judge a society by how they treat their animals..." 'Gandhi.


Definition : "Sibylline", from the latin sibyllinus. Littérature : "whose meaning is hidden". V. Enigmatic, mysterious, dark... Ok, it’s not looking good ! "...hidden, like the oracles one". At last ! A reference to the Greek origin of the word is mentioned. In fact, the name of the association doesn’t originate in the oracles but in the sibyls, particularly the Delphes sibyls (from the Greek delphys = womb, matrix, homonym of delphis, spirit of the sea), etc, etc, etc... And don’t forget Apollo...


Concretely :

Sibylline is an association that has no ambition other than creating a centre for treatment, research (clinical and fundamental) and pedagogy/educational methods surrounding animals that get stranded on our beaches (birds, cetacean : whales and dolphins, turtles, sharks...) or at risk. While we become indignant about the slaughter of cetaceans in others countries, we find it perfectly normal to let dolphins die on our own shores.
As far as dolphins are concerned, there are about 1000 beached per year, 1/5 of which are in the Landes (where we are based) and the Atlantic Pyrenees regions. The Bay of Biscay : 25% of whale and dolphin species are represented, which is the main primary concentration, in the world, of cetacean species ; France : The second maritime region on Earth, more than 5500 km of metropolitan shoreline and no infrastructure to care of these cetaceans.
As far as birds are concerned, no need for an oil slick, they pay the heavy tribute to degassing. And in each case, the corpses are very rarely studied. Full of support from French and foreign research centres, we attempt to have our project that has no visionary plans
Requests of academic reception and internships on behalf of students of diverse nationalities have also given additional motivation.